How Can I Win a House During a Bidding War?

Bidding Wars They seem to be going on in all areas of the country where inventory is historically low. Do you know how to handle a bidding war, or are you going to let that dream home get away? Let's talk about how to get this done right. [...]

Reasons To Buy A Home In 2018 But You’d Better Hurry

 1. Rates are going up After years of record-low interest rates (hello, 4%!), the Fed is finally making some noticeable increases: The rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage broke the 4% mark last year. And with economic growth continuing to carry [...]

Tips to Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent this problem. Tip #1: Keep the Heat On Make sure that the heat is kept on your property even when sleeping or on an outing.  The heat does not [...]

7 Tips For Energy Awareness Month

October isn't just about pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween celebrations; It's also Energy Awareness Month. Find out how you can reduce your household's energy consumption this fall while preparing for the seasons ahead. Reducing Home Energ [...]

Which States Provide the Best Tax Breaks for Retirees?

New Hamshaire These 6 states are among those with lowest levies. New Hampshire heads a list of 12 states that offer the most favorable tax breaks for retirees, in a recent ranking by personal finance website Money and Career CheatSheet. So [...]

June 13th National Weeding the Garden Day

Today is National Weeding the Garden Day. I have four pieces of great advice for all you Garden Enthusiasts. (A gift passed to me by my mom Jo-Anne Castro who does nothing better in this world than love and grow plants and miniature farm like [...]

Ninja Realtor

Ninja Realtor ?   Operation Ninja On Monday my husband and I went in for a "Routine Procedure" which turned into Triple Bypass Open Heart Surgery. I immediately relinquished my two young teen children's lives to my sister in laws. [...]

Put In An Offer

Customer - "We'd like to look at your listing we saw two weeks ago at your open house." Me - "You mean the one that got 3 above asking offers the night of the open house with financials attached that has been in contract for over a week [...]

Interior Painting Your New Home

The To Do List If you just bought a house, painting it is no doubt high on your to-do list. Painting before you move in is the easiest way to get the job done because you won't have furniture and decorative items in the way. However, some pe [...]

Long Island Open House Weekend April 22nd – 23rd 2017

Join Realtors for the Long Island Open House Weekend April 22nd - 23rd 2017 Are you ready to kick-off the Spring selling and buying season? Then mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23, 2017.   Join Realtors® acros [...]