June 13th National Weeding the Garden Day

Today is National Weeding the Garden Day. I have four pieces of great advice for all you Garden Enthusiasts. (A gift passed to me by my mom Jo-Anne Castro who does nothing better in this world than love and grow plants and miniature farm like areas with the help of her loving husband Eugene) It is always a bumper crop of one kind or another at Mom’s house!
A. Wear gloves, bug spray, cover your arms and legs, tie back your hair so you don’t have to touch anywhere near your face and for goodness sakes know what Poison Ivy looks like! I learn the hard way Every Year!
B. To save your back and knees, sit and roll as you weed. I love these little mobile gardening seats that stores your small tools inside. Comfort in the heat is key.
C. When you pull the weeds, just don’t tear them out without the root. Either get under it with a spade or get close to the ground and pull gently so the weed and roots come out completely. That’s just another weed that won’t come back ever!
D. After all your weeding is done, spread as much mulch as possible. The more mulch the less the weeds and it definitely keeps your soil rich as it breaks down. Four bags per 60 square feet is the minimum you should be spreading. It also holds the moisture for your vegetables and flowers. If you want to be green, tear the heavy duty mulch bags along the top and reuse as garbage bags for throwing away the weeds. It’s lighter to get one mulch bag of weeds to the curb than a full garbage can with a cheap black bag that is filled with weeds. These full black bags always seems to get suctioned into the pail and we want to keep from doing additional work.  
Although you probably think weeding sucks, get a large bottle of iced water, wear a shade hat, turn on the tunes, relax and start pulling those weeds.  It can be very therapeutic and the results will be prettier than a bed of flowers adorned with weeds!