Ninja Realtor

Ninja Realtor ?


Operation Ninja

On Monday my husband and I went in for a “Routine Procedure” which turned into Triple Bypass Open Heart Surgery. I immediately relinquished my two young teen children’s lives to my sister in laws. Myself, well I have not moved from the chair beside him unless it was to go downstairs to buy myself a cup of coffee or go home and sleep for 5 hours and then go back to the hospital.  But besides speaking to nurses and doctors, I never stopped talking to other agents, lawyers, financiers and clients about their listed homes, buyers and seller’s  homes in contract  getting ready to close or what was coming down the road for my new business.

Every Realtor is not a Ninja

No, every realtor is not a Ninja. And I definitely don’t wear a Blazer. But I always thought if something like this happened, it would stop my job of orchestrating real estate transactions dead in it’s tracks.  I guess not. I guess I like it so much that when people don’t like their work, an emergency like this can keep them from working.  What other people think should be dropped immediately brings me comfort and happiness and continuity. So I guess that means I really like my work.

Family and Friend who are Ninjas

I want to thank all the Nurses at Winthrop whose homes I helped purchase who came from other floors to visit us and give us comfort. And all realtors from all real estate companies who are non stop texting me for updates.  And most of all my husband Joe’s family who are definitely Seven Ninja Warriors taking care of each other like their mom raised them to do. I meet many families in this business but I am Proud to say I am part of this Family in Particular